Squeezing nature’s grace into no space.

With aspiring young homeowners lured to the irresistible temptations of inner city abodes and urban villages, living spaces for garden cultivation can be extremely finite.  That unfortunately, is the reality of being conveniently located to a decent long black and tapas bar.

No matter if you’re a first home buyer or you’re renting, being able to establish some roots, gives us the ability to bring nature into the home and connect with the earth while applying that personal touch in the concrete jungle.

If you are going through life, living from rental contract to the next, the ability to retain your bond when it’s time to vamoose should be a goal. So creating a container garden that is quick to assemble and transport will keep the apartment clean, landlord satisfied and the hip pocket replenished.

Container gardens are basically made up of your potted plants, herbs and vegetables. They are very versatile allowing you to grow on a balcony, patio, courtyard and even indoors on windowsills. The flexibility of being able to move around the containers to different parts of the house can change the way you look at a room and give new life to a dull area.

If your home’s entrance opens to the street, consider using a combination of colourful containers and vibrant local plants to add a warm and an inviting touch.

For those rejoicing and have jumped into the housing market, another way to create a green area without subtracting from valuable floor space is to think, up!

A “Vertical Planter” is an easy DIY project for an outside area that is only limited by height.

Through the magic of gravity it uses a water-friendly system where water moves from plants at the top of the system to the bottom without wastage.  It’s a great weekend project that’s simple in its construction and all of its materials can be conveniently purchased at your local hardware store:

What you’ll need:

  • Any length 5 – 15 cm wide PVC or any other kind of pipe
  • Planting soil or compost
  • Any plants, herbs and even berries
  • Large pebbles for draining
  • A drip irrigation pipe

If you don’t have the time or the tools to manufacture your own vertical garden system, Hendra Hardware offers a great collection of wall hanging garden options to suit your home and have the expertise to install them.

Get yourself into the store and check out the ornamental metal planter frame, upside-down tomato and herb grower and our specialty product the water efficient “Vertical Modular Wall Garden”.

Let’s create some green spaces.

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