Revamping the garden? Here are some things to mulch over.

Now that the sun has peaked in Queensland, the splendorous warmth during these spring days means it’s time to start getting a little dirt on our hands.

One of the most important decisions you’ll be making is not what plants to adorn your outdoor spaces with, it’s what mulch you’ll choose. Let that take root.

Now let’s give you a few things to mulch over.

Start with getting a lay of your land. Is it sloped, windswept or exposed? If you’ve ticked a couple of the above boxes, we would recommend Hoop Bark, especially if you’ve got a substantial area to cover. The curly nature makes it bind really well and won’t wash or slide down slopes.

Carefully selecting the right mulch for your terrain establishes an even soil temperature all year round encouraging continued growth and less stress on your plants and trees.

Mulch can be fine or coarse.

This is important, especially for those who are planting thirsty ground fruits and vegetable.  Slash Pine, which is fine mulch, is commonly used for to cover heavily planted areas, gardens, and playgrounds. Its light texture assists in reducing evaporation in your soil profile.

Conversely, coarser mulch like Cypress Pine provides a great ground cover that distributes weight evenly. It’s cheap, looks smashing in the afternoon light and provides excellent protection to your burgeoning garden’s fragile root systems.

Below the surface, the benefits of mulch can be seen too. By spreading your mulch between 75-100mm on your garden suppresses competition from weeds and other grasses. Beneath that, grateful worms will be doing their thing by aerating the soils and creating more fertiliser.

So now that you have an insight into the basics of purchasing your garden mulch, it’s time to get all the tools you need to get the job done.

So check out our Landscaping and Bulk Goods page, call into Hendra Hardware and let’s get you prepared with the best advice to get your garden masterpiece ready to thrive.

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