If you live in an apartment building, you know the struggle is real if you want to carry out your gardening needs.
But if you can’t go horizontal, let’s go Vertical!
Start by choosing the right kind of style that would work well with your space and taste. From terracotta pots to metallic tins hung on wood pallets or wooden slats, take your pick.
Next would be choosing the right plants, depending on the amount of sunshine the area receives. Most edible plants grow well in vertical gardens, so if you love cooking why not plant some herbs.
Lastly don’t forget to give constant care and attention just like any other garden. Regular watering and pruning from time to time will ensure a lush vertical garden.
Tip – Vertical gardens provide you with flora but are also adaptable and aesthetically attractive. In-fact some plants also act as air purifiers. 
This blog post was also published in the April – May 2018 issue of Loving Nundah Magazine as part of the Expert Advice Column.
Click on the link to view the online publication : http://www.lovingnundah.com.au/the-magazine/

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