4 Home Improvement Celebrities that aren’t Tools

Two years ago the Business Insider Australia wrote an article ranking the Top 20 Trusted professionals in this country. Nurses, rightfully so, have listed as number 1 for twenty consecutive decades.

Interestingly enough, the occupation of handyman doesn’t even crack the top thirty. Surely, in an age of increased interest in home improvement on a tight family budget, the handyman would get a little mention.

Perhaps it’s up to the job of those starring personalities on programs like The Block and Renovation Revolution to help fly the flags for those small business operators going from home to home fixing and renovating our places of residence and supporting local hardware stores.

So here are our favourite celebrity handymen that we trust to spread the good word about great projects and excellent ideas while bringing the country the needed attention the trustworthiness and reliability of your local handymen and hardware store.

Rob Palmer

The most chip chippy was introduced to Australian households through Better Homes and Gardens. His infectious excitement was abounding in everything he taught. Whether it was knocking together a shelf or showing you how to carve up your own cutting board, he always had fun when it came to home improvement and DIY projects.

Sadly, Better Homes and Gardens decided to let him go without even the courtesy call. Rob, however in true DIY fashion has bounced back with a thriving YouTube channel that enables him to connect directly with his fans.

Michael and Carlene

Home renovation shows like The Block give us “regular folk” the chance to flex our DIY ideas. That’s why the legendary couple, Michael, and Carlene, official Blockheads, make our list.

Statistically, the Queenslanders never bottomed out when it came to a room reveal and consecutively won on the scoreboard almost week. This included three pretty-much-perfect results.

They wowed their competition and owned the show with their knack for squeezing every dollar while discovering innovative ways to demonstrate the potential of what a great DIY renovation can achieve.

Scott Cam

He’s the face of home renovation in Australia. Oozing personality that has seen him win silver and gold Logies across a variety of lifestyle programs.

The big man from Western Australia has over three decades of hands-on experience is, in all honesty, an Aussie icon. He travelled the nation flexing his carpentry skills and at the age of 37 was asked to do a screen test for a TV show.  Since 1999 he’s been gracing our homes with great tips and encouraging words for prospective and inspiring home renovators.

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